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Anxiety is often described as feeling a sense of unease in the world. These feelings can range from mild to severe and at times we can feel totally overwhelmed by anxiety.

Most of us have felt anxious at times, perhaps before a job interview, taking a driving test or going to the doctor or dentist.

However, for some, these feelings of fear and anxiety are not only difficult to understand and control but may be completely debilitating. They may not be related to anything you can put your finger on and you may feel it's totally frustrating and illogical that you can't simply talk yourself around. Anxiety may also be accompanied by depression and the two can often come together.

Symptoms can be both psychological and physical and include: a generalised sense of fear and dread, lack of concentration, irritability, loss of sleep, sweating, heart palpitations, feeling sick, trembling, and panic attacks.

You may feel unable to go to work and feel reluctant to join in social situations and you may be limiting your life as a way of protecting yourself from these unwanted feelings of anxiety.

 If anxiety is affecting your daily life or you are feeling worried about a wide range of issues then you may need some professional support to help you identify what the cause might be and how you might manage the symptoms.

I believe Counselling can help in a number of different ways and you don't have to face this alone.

I am able to help by working alongside you to explore your anxious feelings as well as offering practical tools and techniques to enable you to manage the symptoms more effectively.

If you would like to find out more about how Bedford counselling can help, I offer a free 15 minute telephone chat to help you decide if counselling might be for you.

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