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Depression can be described as feeling persistently sad for a long period of time, often for many weeks or months.

Many of us feel unhappy from time to time or feel a bit down and fed up for a few days but this is not depression.

Depression is a serious condition that can occur for a number of reasons or for no known reason you can think of. It is certainly not something that you can 'just snap out of'.

For many, feelings of sadness and unhappiness are accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and can often be accompanied by anxiety.

Symptoms can be physical and psychological: you may lose or gain weight; feel tearful or irritable and have little interest in the things you used to enjoy. You may even have thoughts of harming yourself or feel like life is not worth living.

If you are suffering from mild depression counselling alone may help and evidence suggest that this is particularly effective if accompanied by exercise.

With more severe depression, you may need to visit your GP who may prescribe antidepressant  medication to take alongside the counselling.

Talking through your feelings with a non judgemental professional who will help you explore your problems can really help.

Counselling gives you the time and space to talk, think through your problems or just cry if you need to. If we can't make all the problems  go away we can work together to help you find ways to cope with them.

If you would like to find out more about how Bedford counselling can help, I offer a free 15 minute telephone chat to help you decide if counselling might be for you.

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